Vendwest Vending Machines Perth

Vendwest are the largest coffee vending machine business in Perth, Western Australia.

Vendwest are the exclusive Total Service Operator for coffee giant Nestle in Perth and WA and we operate a large number of coffee vending machines on most major public locations, large corporation offices, cafes, hospitals and many of the larger workplaces in Perth Western Australia.

Vendwest also rent and sell bench top coffee machines Perth wide at workplaces, sporting venues, cafes, hospitals and public places. We supply and deliver top quality Nestle coffee, hot chocolate, milk, cappuccino mix, sugar and other products for use in these coffee machines.

At larger Perth workplaces we will install a 500 cup a day coffee vending machine, free of charge and our field operators will service, maintain, refill and clean your coffee machine on a weekly basis free of charge.

Vendwest install a top quality coffee vending machine in Perth offices and workplace that is capable of dispensing over 500 cups a day. We will take care of everything from supplying coffee and hot chocolate, stocking disposable coffee cups, topping up the milk, and cleaning coffee machines Perth wide on an as required basis. Technical and consumables provisioning support for coffee vending machines in Perth is the core of our service side of our Perth based business. Organisations in Perth have an option for our service team to supply and maintain your vending machines in good working order to provide healthy products such as milk for coffee machines, clean cups, and other consumables.

If your Perth workplace supplies coffee free of charge for your staff, then our vending machine will be set to “free vend” with no requirement for money to be inserted. We will simply invoice you for the number of coffee cups used at the end of each month.

Alternatively we can set Perth coffee vending machines up to accept money if required.

Take the hassle out of coffee supply to your workforce by installing a Vendwest benchtop coffee machine in Perth or a large automatic coffee vending machine.


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