Vendwest Coffee Vending Machines

  • hire benchtop coffee vending machines in Perth WA 
  • provide free-on-loan, large volume espresso coffee machines for work and public spaces
  • sell coffee vending machines 
  • are vendors of coffee, drinking chocolate and other coffee consumables.
  • supply and services coffee vending machines throughout Perth WA.
  • provide barista coffee vans to workplaces and event through our sister company


Vendwest vending Machines is a dedicated hot beverage specialist and does not spread its operation across other vening categories which enables us to specialise in simply producing great coffee in your workplace or public venue.

Our vended coffee and hot beverage products (and particularly our hot chocolates) provide a quality coffee and beverage solution for work and public spaces, eliminating the need for wet spooning, cleaning or managing milk and supplies.

To find the right coffee vending solution for your work or public venue, contact Vendwest Vending Machines on 08 9358 4419